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C# Crash Course

Between 12th and 18th May 2013 as ERASMUS teacher, Dimitar Minchev, PhD in Informatics, visited Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. He presented the lecture “C# Crash Course” in front of Portuguese students and colleagues.

Content of the lecture:
1. Introduction: Technologies, Development Environment, Students Benefits.
2. C# Basics: Variables and Types, Casting, Conditional Execution, Loops, Break and Continue, Methods, Parameters, Return value, Arrays, Exceptions, Streams.
3. C# Classes: Create Class: Constructors, Data Members, Properties, Methods, Destructors. Use class: Create an Instance, Read and Modify Properties, Invoke Methods.
4. Console App: The Cat Example.
5. Desktop App: Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter Example.
6. Store App: Syndication Feed Reader Example.

Download full presentation of the lecture here.

By Димитър Минчев

Доктор по информатика и компютърни науки